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7 tips for heifer replacement.

Keep females born early in the calving season.  2. Early cycling heifers for the season have a better chance to conceive & remain in the herd.  3. Check the heifer is big enough to calve down.   4.  Check & manage body condition.  5.  Breed heifers to calve month before cows.  …

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Peter Ronalds Landcare group at Longwarry 10.11.17

Peter Ronalds Land Care Co Ordinator came out today with a group of interested members.  Ten-Rose hosted the day.  Educational talk on Simmental Fleckvieh with photos on the screen provided examples of the breed and how to use them.  A farm walk followed with discussion on cattle, pasture and issues …

1998 with nelson mandella

David Rockefeller passes (Hudson Pines Simmental)

David Rockefeller passed last week. He was 101 years. This is a write up a few years ago. Photo of David in 1998. A Living Legacy:  Visiting Hudson Pines – Urban Cattleman Living Legacy:  Visiting Hudson Pines 5/16/2014 0 Comments The name Rockefeller evokes many thoughts, images, and emotions.  Money, …

Sheep with blue sky

Value adding.

Can adding sheep to cattle ratio increase farm profit? Read on. Could You Make Money by Adding a Ewe For Every Cow in Your Herd? – On Pasture You are here:  Home  >  Livestock  >  Beef Cattle  >  Current Article Could You Make Money by Adding a Ewe For Every …


Bulls available now.

Select range of young polled bulls available now.   Give Chris a call on 0356 299060 for inspection. Sired by Ten-Rose Just In Time. Heavy muscled, easy calving polled bull who has produced quality calves both sons & daughters.

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Casey Cardinia Business Awards 2017 – Finalists.

Ten-Rose International Simmental Fleckvieh are finalists in the Casey Cardinia Shire Business Awards 2017 Sustainability.  Over 150 entries.  The Awards are a prestigious highlight for successful Business in the Casey Cardinia Shire.  Held at the Cranbourne Racecourse. Ten-Rose believe the future of farming lies in the Sustainability component and have …


The importance of happy cows with space.

In a world of large production it is important to source food from specific farms.  Comte cheese is a good example where the product is made in France from raw milk from Simmental Fleckvieh Montbeliarde cattle & they have room to move. (Gourmet Traveller, June, 2017:p.48)  Click photo to read …


LRX Jungle Jim.

LRX Jungle Jim. Sired by BHR King Of Jungle (BHR Haxold) out of LRX Mx Evan (Bar 5 Evan). Coming soon.  New bull carrying three of the best females to come out of South Africa. Note paternally the exquisiteness of BHR Haxold.  Bred by Robb Farms Canada.   The Sire: …

Mick Moreland & Gary Ablett

Mick Moreland. (Order of Australia) A remakable man.

Mick Moreland was tragically hit by a P Plate driver on Saturday 24th May, 2017 whilst crossing the Princes Highway at Berwick at 21:30 hrs. We met Mick at the Casey Cardinia Business Awards a few years ago. Mick was a gentleman in the real sense of the word.   …

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