Birth weights and calving ease.

Several schools of thought with calving ease.  Too small at birth and they lack the weights at weaning, too big at birth and issues.  We like to select bulls with nice canon shape and in laid shoulders. Click on the heading and check out the points.  


Performance of smaller frame cattle.

How Big is Big Enough? According to the USDA Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska, the average Angus, Red Angus and Hereford cow in America weighs over 1,400 pounds. The status quo seed-stock producers have successfully out-Simmentalled the Sentimentals. Unfortunately, as cow size has increased, profitability has decreased. It doesn’t …

Big Moo

Big Moo raises $ for riding with the disabled.

Joanne Vine owns Big Moo. (Guernsey) Standing 1.86cm tall. 1500kg. Big Moo raised $1,000 today for riding for the disabled in South Australia.  Dr Chris from “The Living Room” visited the large steer some time ago.  Joanne said she has always had the idea to raise money for the Mt …

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7 tips for heifer replacement.

Keep females born early in the calving season.  2. Early cycling heifers for the season have a better chance to conceive & remain in the herd.  3. Check the heifer is big enough to calve down.   4.  Check & manage body condition.  5.  Breed heifers to calve month before cows.  …

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Peter Ronalds Landcare group at Longwarry 10.11.17

Peter Ronalds Land Care Co Ordinator came out today with a group of interested members.  Ten-Rose hosted the day.  Educational talk on Simmental Fleckvieh with photos on the screen provided examples of the breed and how to use them.  A farm walk followed with discussion on cattle, pasture and issues …

1998 with nelson mandella

David Rockefeller passes (Hudson Pines Simmental)

David Rockefeller passed last week. He was 101 years. This is a write up a few years ago. Photo of David in 1998. A Living Legacy:  Visiting Hudson Pines – Urban Cattleman Living Legacy:  Visiting Hudson Pines 5/16/2014 0 Comments The name Rockefeller evokes many thoughts, images, and emotions.  Money, …

Sheep with blue sky

Value adding.

Can adding sheep to cattle ratio increase farm profit? Read on. Could You Make Money by Adding a Ewe For Every Cow in Your Herd? – On Pasture You are here:  Home  >  Livestock  >  Beef Cattle  >  Current Article Could You Make Money by Adding a Ewe For Every …

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Casey Cardinia Business Awards 2017 – Finalists.

Ten-Rose International Simmental Fleckvieh are finalists in the Casey Cardinia Shire Business Awards 2017 Sustainability.  Over 150 entries.  The Awards are a prestigious highlight for successful Business in the Casey Cardinia Shire.  Held at the Cranbourne Racecourse. Ten-Rose believe the future of farming lies in the Sustainability component and have …

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