What We Offer

WHAT WE OFFER:          Government Listed quality……on Governer’s list for Export.


– we develop cattle with the customer in mind.   Prompt dispatch of Ai, embryos, bulls, global.

– our genetics can provide the edge, high grade tender and tasty beef,  good footed, deep sided, long, spring of rib, perfect udders, performance, mothering ability, high weaning and yearling weights, show cattle, commercial or your next herd sire.

– Females for the Commercial and Stud breeder
– Ai straws for the Commercial and Stud breeder
– Embryos
– Fullblood
– Purebred
– Black Poll
– Red Poll
– Hybrid Bulls
– Certified Pedigree
– Known performance bulls
– Concentration on A and B grade muscle
– Pedigrees created to suit your requirement

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Services/Advice We Provide – 24 hour, 7 day service

– Optimising beef products. Our bulls should add $50 to $100 per calf & easy calving.
– Small to large cattle investment schemes—advisory service ** we organize all bulls for clients.
– Stud and Exhibition cattle—we can organize cattle for Royal/local shows for buyer.
– For Lot Feeders and Commercial: ask how you can improve profits of up to $100 per head and reduce costs with less processor time.


  • reduce cell count, improve calf survival, widen genetic pools, decrease pneumonia
  • looking to optimize profits with cross breed beef calves from Holstein
  • transfer from dairy to beef in one easy step or milk F1 healthy replacement cows.
  • milkable fullblood and cross bred females A2 factors.

Ten-Rose bulls can be used over Simmental, Angus, Hereford,Charolais, Holstein etc.

– Free consultation on Beef Systems—can consult large or small operations to lift profit.

We handle local and International Government enquiries and contracts. Interpretor services provided for international guests.

Ten-Rose Epi


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