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2023 Export Governor Awards Government House Melbourne Governor Professor Margaret Gardner.

2021 Best Home Based Business 2021 Baw Baw Shire Gippsland Business Awards (Agriculture)

2020 Premier Victoria Sustainability Awards entrant for native flora & fauna.

Government Listed (Exports)  on Victorian Governor’s Export List. 

Monash University Alumni.

Deakin University Alumni.

La Trobe University Alumni.

2019 Entrant Casey Cardinia Shire Business Awards Agriculture.

2018 Entrant Casey Cardinia Shire Business Awards Agriculture.

2017 Finalist Casey Cardinia Shire Business Awards Sustainability.

2016 Winner Business Sustainability Award.  Baw Baw Shire Business Awards 17.06.2016.

17.06.2016 Baw Baw Shire 2016 Business Awards

** Winner of the Baw Baw Shire Business Excellence Awards 2015 Agribusiness  Beef and Dairy.

Finalists 2014 Agribusiness and Primary Industries Awards Casey Cardinia Shire.

Finalists 2014 Agribusiness Awards Baw Baw Shire.

Finalists & Listed 2013. SPAusNet Baw Baw Local Government Business Awards.

Baw Baw Shire Winners Logo 2015 for Ten-Rose.


L to R Peter Kulich (Business Development Baw Baw Council) Chris Jordan (Director), Deputy Mayor Debbie Brown, State Government Minister Gary Blackwood, Sharon Jordan (Director Ten-Rose) Federal Minister The Hon. Russell Broadbent.   Both Stud Simmental on the right are sired by  flamboyant Harry M Millers Dunmore Hawkeye II (trait leader), still in action Harry.




CaseyCardinia Business Awards 2014







* ATTENTION all international beef producers.  We have the technology to set up and advise on all beef operations on a global basis.  Ask us what we can do for you.

7 Generations in farming ( 5 Australia). Owner run business. Our challenge is to work with sound genetics that will carry beef to the next level. The world demands protein, Feed Efficiency and Tenderness in beef. Export markets require quality.  Genomics testing since 1999.

** Everything we compile at Ten-Rose, we do because we believe in challenging the cattle industry.  We think differently and challenge the status quo by creating cattle that are beautifully bred for beef production with a driven focus on Quality and Tenderness Genomics, we have we got cattle for you to fit with all programs.

Genomics approach to breeding for Marbling, Tenderness and Feed Efficiency. Many countries are looking at Genomics.  The AIM: is for tender tasty beef that is cost effective.  DNA here to stay.

MARBLING: is the white flecks of fat in meat muscle, the higher the fat, the higher the grade. Marbling contributes to tenderness, flavour and juicyness. Earlier finishing cattle as well.

TENDERNESS: The determinant of how tender a piece of steak is. High tenderness markers can allow short fed cattle to have an acceptable quality, also other age group cattle. Tenderness is the most significant characteristic in consumer taste panel tests (SmartGene). Calpain and Calpistatins play a role in tenderness. Usually tested via the Warner Bratzler Shear Force method. High Tenderness equals less hang time / less cryovac time and faster use of the product. Consumers from “the high end of town” demand quality tender beef. Some say cryovac for 3 days rather than the normal 21 days wait when using bulls with a higher than 4 Tenderness marker. More usable product for the butcher and easier to digest. SAVES ENERGY…. EPD’s now include Shear Force.     We select 2 specific T markers and greater than .5 shear.

FEED EFFICIENCY: We aim to identify which cattle gain the most weight with the least amount of feed, thereby maintaining performance. Feed is the largest cost item in the profitability equation that a producer can control. According to Dr Jason Ahola, with feed prices rising, a 5% improvement in Feed Efficiency equates to a 20% improvement in average daily weight gain. Other studies indicate a profit of $40—$100 per head from high genomic sired progeny. Many Breed Societies are developing a system for Feed Efficiency on a global basis. Feed Efficiency is a priority in cattle selection.

Ten-Rose is located at Longwarry—an hours drive from Melbourne in Gippsland, selling privately on consignment. We accept orders for cattle in advance. Cattle are sold for a variety of purposes for both beef and dairy.

We concentrate on individual selection and like to breed moderate easy doing cattle—there is an emphasis on Visual Appraisal, Breedplan EBV/EPD and Marbling/Tenderness and Feed Efficiency. Our cattle are officially DNA tested by Zoetis (Aust) and Igenity (USA) and other Genomic testing facilities.

Ten-Rose bulls go in to programs in Australia and overseas to increase Marbling, Tenderness and Feed Efficiency factors in beef where  high quality is required.   Cattle are Stud Registered with Simmental Australia. All sires DNA tested. Extensive use of AI, with all pedigrees mapped out for individual stock. Pedigrees are created for various requirements and locations, with strict evaluation on temperament. High performance and  well known embryos are utilized at times. Research  indicates high genomic bulls are more cost effective and deliver a superior product.    Look at the extensive data that American Simmental and Canadian Simmental are doing with Genomics, don’t be left out.

We meet all export requirements and can set up beef operations in Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and Brazil at private or Government level.      No enquiry too small or too big.

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