Simmental cross Hereford

Trevor & Wendy Renshaw run cross bred Simmental Hereford cattle on their Lillico property in Victoria. Trevor tops the Pakenham and Warragul Markets with his cattle week after week. Limousin’s feature from time to time.  Grazfert nutrient program is in progress.  This involves soil testing and applying the nutrients that …

Peter McWilliam

Peter McWilliam – From Dunmore NSW to New Zealand.

Cattleman Peter McWilliam who was the Manager at Harry M Miller’s Dunmore Stud Manilla New South Wales has been breeding various breeds of cattle.  His current Pustataler venture notes a rare breed of cattle. Based in NZ for many years.     Wairarapa beef breeder Peter McWilliam determined to preserve …

1 pic welder

Robert Westcott. Invents the Poly Weld-N-Go.

Compact welder for plastic pipes. Robert Westcott Queensland, with the assistance of Don Allen has developed a new welder for damaged  farm pipes in need of re joining.  Small, easily utilized with some special jig features.  Read on…………… Poly Weld-N-Go This welder has been designed for use in farming and …


Temple Grandin.

American Professor and animal scientist at the Colorado State University.  Consultant and livestock expert (animal behaviour).  Spokes person for the Autism Society.  In the top 100 most influential people in the world. Read on……        Curt Pate Stockmanship. I was walking through the Denver airport quite a few …


Worms – when to drench cattle.

Question of the week (JB) “When do I drench cattle, & with what?” Depends on several factors. Best approach: 1. Manure sample to your Vet.  2. Determine the parasites involved. 3. Apply suitable pour on or oral drench.  4. Monitor the situation.  Small amounts for a few cattle can be …

Multi story

Multi Storey Farming – Peter Ronalds, Landcare.

Peter Ronalds (Landcare) organized an open day at Camaray Farm Buln Buln Friday 26th May.  Clinton and Michelle Tepper opened their farm to a large crowd of interested Farmers. Clinton is a forester and farmer.   Two years ago they set up a demonstration plot and planted three species of …


The importance of Structure in cattle.

Have performance EBV and EPD overtaken the key factor in cattle — structure.  Structure along with fertility are the critical factors to successful cattle farming.  Bob Weaber, Kansas State University raises this very issue.  (Cattle Industry Convention 2017).  Replacement females are expensive.     Evaluating feet and leg structure: A …

yellow light

Yellow LED globes – sustainability.

Replace  farm outdoor white light globes with yellow LED globes.  The yellow contrast has less blue wave length which is not as  attractive to bugs.  Cheaper on the energy costs as well. 50% of energy can be saved by instigating LED globes.

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