New Black Stud heifer – Webb Kahlua.

Purchased 6.3.15 from the Webb Annual Black Simmental Sale.  Sired by TNT Tanker who has produced an even line of cattle. (click photo)  The dam going back to Willie Altenburgs ASR Black Whisper from the States. Very moderate and balanced with correct features.  Amazing temperament, the heifer is either eating or sleeping, best temperament we have seen in any Black Simmental.  Photo on the featured image was taken with Duncan Newcomen in the background.   Ben and Cindy Coad did a fabulous job of breaking the heifers in.  We had the opportunity earlier in the year to inspect all the cattle which was brilliant  for close inspection.   We predomiantly run Traditional Simmental and include a selection of Black and Red when we find the traits we are seeking.



Webb Kahlua 11 months of age.    Asleep !

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