$ Million dollar simmental bull missing from Tamworth.

Click on the $ sign at the top for full detail. We purchased Ai Straws of Bar5 SA Optimal from Graham Jordans dispersal sale at Goonoo Creek, Tamworth. Big G (Canada) bred the bull with full SA genetics, $1 Million in value and sold for half share to Ivan Zurita Brazil. The Peel Valley computer was down and there is no record of the bull. No refund occurred. We drove 16 hours to support the sale of an Ex president and yet there is no refund, no replacement and no appology from the Vendor or the Agents Elders. We paid for the bull in good faith.

The bull was purchased with a view to creating a line for Red Angus and also for the daughter of Dunmore Hansa, Ten-Rose Miss Hansa.

So where are the Ai straws now? No one knows.

If anyone has any information about the Ai straws of Bar 5 SA Optimal missing from Tamworth Ai Centre (Peel Valley Ai Centre Tamworth) please phone Sharon on 0356 299060 or email tenrose@dcsi.net.au

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