How to use the world record bull – for quality beef and replacement females.

Murrinstone Auscan. (Click on photo)   How to use the bull.  Auscan can be used in a number of ways.  If you are seeking high quality beef – use this bull.  If you seek high quality beef and want to breed your own sons – use this bull. If you want exceptional females Stud or Crossbred – then use this bull.  Auscan has the record highest data for Marbling Tenderness and Feed Efficiency.  For use with Simmental – can be used as terminal over commercial cows.  Can be used for Stud breeding.  Can be used over cross bred cattle to keep the replacement heifers.  For use over Angus as terminal calves or for keeping replacement Sim/Angus females – excellent.   Tremendous advantage when used over Hereford for Stud or Commerical.     Use in Queensland for his very short silky coat.   This photo was taken in Winter, generally he has a very fine high hair quality.  The bull tracks particularly well, also progeny where there are long distance to walk.

Sold into Operations as Ashley Adams “TendaBeef”  and several commercial beef operations.

Also sold into Dairy operations seeking to outcross in a bid to improve cell counts, fertility in Holstein, improve survivability in calves.  F1 calves are up and running around quickly, less pneumonia and scours.  The F1 Fleckvieh Simmental / Holstein milk incredibly well.

Auscan is suitable to todays frame.  Tan skin. Long and stretchy.  Dark Red. Double goggled.  Balanced testicles 45cm.  Excellent feet.  His dam at 19 years of age has perfect feet.  An exceptionally quiet bull his progeny are very docile in the yards and paddock.   Balanced EBV data.

The sire: Johill Park Tyson – undefeated Simmental Bull of the Year.  Tremendous growth and structure. Owned by Elders Stock Agent Peter Tull who seeks calving ease and growth. Currently owned by Ten-Rose.  Very quiet bull.

The dam: Brenair Park Bernadett – longevity, fertility, breeding female. Perfect udder.

So, we have good birthweights, weaning weights, yearling weights, rib-eye, milk, marbling, tenderness & feed efficiency.

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Murrinstone Auscan 3 y.o. Winter coat.

Murrinstone Auscan 3 y.o. How to use


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