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Brenair Park Bernadett102.  21 years of age. World Record Holder for Tenderness/Feed Efficiency Genomics.  Bernadett102 is the dam of Murrinstone Auscan (bull below)

Murrinstone Auscan Ai Available
DNA Tested.
(Record GeneSTAR results on world scale for Marbling Tenderness & Feed Effiiciency).

  • Use Murrinstone Auscan to lift Marbling, Tenderness, Feed Efficiency.
  • Tan skin, great feet, outstanding temperament.Use on heifers and cows.
  • Easy calving.
  • Use on Stud Simmental, Hereford, Angus, Shorthorn, Cross Breds, Belgian Blue.
  • Dark cherry red, double goggled.
  • Dam is our oldest living female.
  • Sire is the unbeaten Simmental sire of the Year. JP Tyson. Show line.
  • Will leave excellent breeding daughters.
  • Very fine silky short hair, avoid tick problems.

Ten-Rose Edgar Allen Poll (Ai straws available)

  • For poll, weight increased muscle, use on Stud Simmental for performance,
    also Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn & Dairy.
  • Outstanding feet and skin. Heifer & Cows.
  • Outstanding Genomics in this bull.
  • DNA Tested.

Ten-Rose Poll Just In Time Ai Available. High EBV.

Embryos available from these three bulls combination should be HOMOPOLL.

Bar 5 SA Selena 807R (Poll) FLUSHED TO:

1. Prostock Hugo (Poll)


2. Bar5 SA Evolution (Poll)

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