Bar 5 Canada.

Bar 5 is one of the most successful and unique cattle operations.  Based in Canada.  Created on 26th August, 1969 by cattlemen who had a vision.  The Bar 5 membership number #765 hangs in the doorway of the Bar 5 Office.  It carries the signature of President Mr Travis Smith and Secretary at that time, Mr Fenton Webster.  The Canadian Simmental Association was founded in 1968.  Bar 5 was one of the early members.


Bar 5 in 1994 notes L to R  Greg Nolan, Melain Nolan, Carla Nolan, Ron Nolan (owner Bar 5) Mary Jane Langill and Irving Langill. (Simmental Country, 1994:66)

Ted Pritchett gives an insight into the Stud from his 1994 discussion.  “The Stud was a well run operation.  The feeding system designed to do the job effectively and efficiently”.  For the severe snow conditions of Canada shelter was engaged by the use of hollows in the ground and natural trees as windbreak.  Lots of fresh bedding.

Bar 5 2

Photo of the Bar 5 original principals.  L to R  Wilf Davis, Ross Thomas, Ross Mitchell, Mac Draper and John Draper.  The yearling bulls in the photo range from 1300 – 1400 lb  (Photo Beef Today:1977).


The Bar 5 Cattle in 1977 were bedded in hay over hollows among Poplar Trees (Beef Today:1977)

Fullblood, Purebred and commercial cattle were managed on good quality hay over Winter.  The Agribition Grand Champion and other successful cattle were present on that visit in 1977.  The property grew excellent hay with the water table being just over 2 meters down.  Bar 5 at that time consisted of 9,500 acres.  Sections near Shilo, Two sections near Brandon Manitoba and the balance near Douglas.

Five men,  born and raised with cattle, comprised the original owners. Ross Mitchell – past President of the Candian Cattlemens Association operated one of the largest feed lots in Manitoba. Commercially orientated with positive ideas.    Ross Thomas – former Shorthorn breeder owner of one of the top three herds in canada.  Grain grower. Intelligent man speaking carefully chosen words, throwing a different light on issues.  Wilf Davis – Lanky framed man, also chosing his words carefully, a diplomat with a strong personality. Extensive cattle knowledge gained from his position in the Manitoba Dept. of Agriculture.  A purebred Hereford breeder he sought breed improvements. John Draper – Top shorthorn breeder, dynamic and innovative.  The ideas man, always thinking. Looking for change and improvement, ways to expand markets.  Mac Draper – Quiet and an easily spoken man.  A master at fitting and showing shorthorns.  Donn Mitchell – Influential Hereford breeder.  Cattle and grain.

Ross Thomas Donn Mitchell and Bob Gordon got to talking about investment and cattle and at Bob Gordon’s house in 1968 they decided to work together and keep it down to five cattlemen.  Bar 5 was incorporated in January 1969 and ran over 600 cows. Mac Draper was involved in the expansion of he Stud.  Parisien sired some of the early cattle bought in.

Bar 5

Early Bar 5 cattle. (Beef Today:1977) Simmental cattle quickly doubled in price at that time.

In March 1974   93 Lots grossed over $1,217.000   The sale topper was $95,000 for a cow and calf and Bar 5 led the sales.

Bar 5 5

One of the 1982 sales.  (Beef Today:1997)

The trip to South Africa around the 2000 era saw a new Bar 5 Established in South Africa with Abraham of Toverberg Simmentaler managing the operation.  Peter Massmann assisted the operation and I think at that time Fred Scheutze of BHR Texas was present on that trip, alongside Jeff Knox of Knox Farms Australia.  These men were the pioneers of bringing the genetics to the world.

Greg and Ron Nolan looked at the 15 lines utiized by Bar 5 from South Africa.  Greg looked at Pedigree, Information and Eyeballed the cattle.  Ai Ai Siska rates high along side the J and E cows.  We noted the style, the class and the dark pigmentation.

The 2002 genetics of Optimal, Pioneer, Benz were noted.  In  2005 the Horris out of J cows, Gold II out of L cows and Massie out of P cows were handy. (Nolan Notes:600 page cronical)

Bar 5 gave us Salerika Zinka and Ai Ai Siska.

2003 Mr Powerful – superb breeding bull.

The list goes on.

For Australia Bar 5 has meant the access of South African genetics, early on in the piece.  They have given us from Austrian and German genetics the “choice” to select types for varying programs.

Bulls as Bar 5 Paymaster, the polled bull who gives easy calving, fabulous temperament and growth,  Bar 5 Piona, the superb all rounder, Bar 5 Burner a wonderful bull that has bred on and all the rest of the outstanding cattle that is Bar 5.

For us in Australia we say thank you.

Scott Bohrson lists the final sale as 01.10.2016.


Bar 5 Paymaster.  One of the most remarkable bulls, he fits with todays market.

Bar 5 Pioneer

Bar 5 Pioneer, one of the Siska lines.  Excellent bull breeding on in Brazil.

Bar 5 SA Burner

Bar 5 SA Burner – producing outstanding progeny.



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