Thinking outside the square.

Current business thinking with cattle includes thinking outside the square to impact the cattle industry using ideas, campaigning and passion for 2021. The global pandemic gives us the opportunity to rethink how we conduct business.  Facebook, web, videos to customers. Changing our ways of doing business is a lesson for the industry. Positive approach is needed. We note destabilizing forces around the globe and need to identify and overcome. Not an easy statement when we are not in a “steady state”. Our world is changing rapidly so we need to reinvent, rethink and transform.  Trust and ethical leadership in cattle breeding operations are imperative. Seek out the people you deal with.    Decisiveness, agility, resilience and humility are particularly important traits in business.  There is a need for change.  We are adding black genetics to some of the cattle.  Below, Ten-Rose Ronnie.  A black Simmental Fleckvieh suitable for several programs. Blaze face for extra performance.  Suit beef or dairy operation.  Moderate framed from our best black female Webb Kahlua. Currently for sale. Phone Chris  0356 299060 Photo taken as a yearling.


Ten-Rose Ronnie.

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